Top 10 Essential Items for Travelling Asia

So you’re ready to set foot in the unknown territory of Asia, but what in the world do you bring? Depending on where you are going, this won’t be your average holiday. Most of us throw some shorts and a few flowery dresses into our suitcase and call it a day. But if this is Read more about Top 10 Essential Items for Travelling Asia[…]

The How-to’s of Moving to Another Country

Have you ever thought about moving countries? This is probably the number 1 question I get asked by people who have seen what I’ve done over the last 2 years with my life. There are so many factors involved for being able to leave your own country and pick up in another one! So I’ve Read more about The How-to’s of Moving to Another Country[…]

First Choice: Thailand

Thailand: An invigorating and culturally explosive destination that can leave those less travelled feeling quite intimidated. From spicy curries to quaint villages, this country has something to offer for everybody even if it is your first visit. But where do you start? Every week I’m going to go through the countries I’ve visited and recommend Read more about First Choice: Thailand[…]